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Whitepaper aggregation

Whitepaper aggregation

Aggregation:  Next Level Serialisation

Although most current legislation concerning traceability of pharmaceutical products focuses on serialisation rather than aggregation, the latter, however, is an essential component of internal and external traceability of your products. Aggregation is the logical next step as well as your next great business opportunity, as it vastly increases efficiency throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain.



Executive summary:

Total Medicine Traceability – a summary

Traceability is the keyword in the secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products. Serialisation is the first step, where one unique code on each individual product provides all the crucial information. The FMD requires serialisation starting February 2019 – aggregation is to follow suit – and the DSCSA requires aggregation to be implemented by 2023.

This whitepaper answers the what, why, where, who, when and how regarding Aggregation. In addition, it provides an overview of the impact and benefits of implementing Aggregation into (existing) Serialisation processes in Pharma.

What, why, where, who, when & how

Aggregation creates a parent-child relationship between different packaging levels, thereby improving efficiency across the pharmaceutical supply chains. It is already being implemented in various regions around the globe, and it is only a matter of years before aggregation is a fundamental requirement. Aggregation benefits both you, as a manufacturer and packager of pharmaceutical products, and the end-user. Automated Serialisation and Aggregation equipment, as well as verification software, is already available on the market. 

Benefits of aggregation: What’s in it for you?

* Aggregation allows you to track all information by scanning one code
* Aggregation enables you to keep track of every single item throughout production and distribution
* Aggregation enables such thorough tracing that illicit traders can be stopped early on.


Read all about the benefits of Aggregation and download the full white paper.

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