Inno4Life design verification

Inno4Life design verification

Inno4Life design verification

Leverage validation time

With the Inno4Life Design Verification (IDV) standard method, which originates in the GAMP* methodology, our clients save time in the qualification processes in pharmaceutical production areas.

This unique and specific documentation set prevents deviations at IQ/OQ/PQ and saves approximately 80% of the time needed for the documentation processes involved in qualification and validation.

*GAMP is a set of guidelines published by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) for users and designers of automation systems in the pharmaceutical industry.

Please contact the Inno4Life specialists for more details about the unique design methodology, a question not asked could be a solution not considered.

Inno4Life: your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

If you are searching for a customised solution such as a production process, a tool, a module or completely designed automated equipment, including SCADA, Inno4Life is your ideal partner.

With our unique Inno4Life Design Verification and Project approach in close collaboration with all our industrial partners, we design and develop the equipment to any unique specifications. All equipment is fully tested to ensure that conformity to all demanded industry standards for quality, safety and reliability is met.

To ensure that the designs meet the required quality level, all projects are managed through project phases, internal gate reviews, risk analysis and FMEAs. E.g.:

  • Technical reviews and formal approvals
  • Approvals by Customer (optional)
  • Design documents
  • System concept and System design
  • Components
  • FAT protocol

Project approach

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