Leverage on Serialisation Investments in Pharma with Aggregation.

Now both the US DSCSA and the EU FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive), are in place, patient safety will increase by eliminating counterfeit medicines from the pharmaceutical supply chain. The unique code on each saleable product can be verified at the point of dispense.
Becoming compliant with the EU FMD serialisation guidelines, as a distributor in the pharmaceutical supply chain has and will remain challenging. Did you consider all the options? Are you looking at the best possible cost and time strategy for efficient track-and-trace solutions for all items in the complex distribution chain? Think twice about incorporating the aggregation solution into you project scope. Aggregation is not required, but it will be a mayor necessity from a business perspective.

Although most current legislations concerning traceability of pharmaceutical products focus on serialisation rather than aggregation, the latter however is an essential component of internal and external traceability of your products. Aggregation is the logical next step as well as your next great business opportunity, as it vastly increases efficiency throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Aggregation is not just a challenge, it is a great business opportunity. Download a free whitepaper about aggregation here and learn about the impact and benefits. For any questions about the transition towards total medicine traceability, Contact the Inno4Life Serialisation experts for additional information.

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