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Pharmaceutical serialization provides the opportunity to track and trace pharma products from the smallest saleable unit throughout the complete supply chain by serialization and aggregation. At Inno4Life, part of the Dec Group, we aim to guide our pharmaceutical packaging clients through each level of the mandatory pharma serialization process, from a single item to a shippable pallet.

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Equipment Integration Inno4life

Pharma Serialization Integration

We integrate the serialization platform and hardware completely into the pharmaceutical packaging equipment solutions. The Inno4Life team is able to manage the implementation as an integrated turnkey project including the preferred serialization platform. In addition, the integration solutions from the Inno4Life product selector can be incorporated into any project to create an end-to-end solution for your pharmaceutical serialization project. (e.g. conveyor systems to link equipment A to B).

Specialists at Inno4Life offer full support for the integration of the serialization process into the pharma industry supply chain. Our expertise and advice help you integrate the process into your operational system according to your specified standards, as well as global and local regulations. Inno4Life has a strong network of reliable industry partners to integrate software, vision, robot and printing components into the pharmaceutical serialization and packaging equipment that fits into your project scope.

Pharmaceutical Serialization Equipment

The Inno4Life serialization equipment solutions are designed to simplify the pharmaceutical packaging process and meet all your specified requirements, as well as global and local regulations. We configure or design all the equipment according to the user requirements and specifications of every individual client, and make it compatible with all high-tech production facility and software processes known in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

Pharmaceutical design verification Inno4life

All the plug and play serialization equipment solutions, designed to minimize production line downtime, require a very short installation period. The quality of the pharmaceutical serialization equipment is efficiently secure, once the unique Inno4Life Design Verification (IDV) is executed. This enables leverage on the equipment validation phases, resulting in an increase of efficiency and cost savings in the validation phase of Inno4Life pharma packaging equipment.

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Pharmaceutical item serialization Inno4life


The Item Serialization Units (ISU) form a modular equipment range designed to serialize individual items. The equipment processes single items, printing bar codes (unique 2-dimensional), or serialized QR codes on each item, verifying and rejecting (fail-safe) if necessary.

The I4L-ISU units are capable of handling carton items with a wide range of dimensions at various speeds. In addition to the standard range of Item Serialization Equipment solutions, we offer multiple integration solutions. To increase operator ease of use and optimization of production supply chains, Inno4Life will seamlessly integrate pharmaceutical serialisation equipment solutions into any existing packaging line.

Containers Cartons, Vials
Basic process Thermal Inkjet print, inspect, reject, apply, tamper evidence (TE), top labeller.
Optional functionality Check weighing, Top label, Laser print

*optionally supply a Tamper Evident (TE) labeller and various other label solutions for additional printing.

I4L-ISU2 for low capacity
I4L-ISU3 for high capacity & tamper-evident production
I4L-ISU4 for high capacity & tamper-evident production plus print and apply of item labels

More facts and figures are available here in the factsheet / or infographic on Item serialisation equipment solutions.

Pharmaceutical bundle serialization Inno4life

Bundle serialization

The Bundle Serialization Units (BSU) comprise a modular equipment range designed to simplify the packaging process at bundle level. The system retrieves data from all individual items in the bundle and links these data to a unique bundle serialisation code to ensure complete traceability. The serialized data is being checked and validated through the integrated software system. The I4L-BSU range is designed to optimize flexibility and to provide full compatibility with existing pharmaceutical packaging lines.

Containers Bundles built from cartons
Basic process Item to bundle, aggregate, print, inspect, reject
Optional functionality Printed label applicator

I4L-BSU Bundle serialization + print and apply bundle label

More facts and figures are available here in the factsheet / or infographic on Bundle serialisation equipment solutions.

Pharmaceutical Case serialization Inno4life

Case serialization

The Case Serialization Unit (CSU) forms a modular equipment range designed to simplify the pharmaceutical packaging serialization process at shipper case level, ranging from Manual to Fully Automated Case Serialization. I4L-CSU equipment provides Pack-by-Layer or Item-to-Case solutions in combination with integration solutions to optimize the production process flow and operator ease of use, all seamlessly integrated into existing pharmaceutical packaging lines. The plug and play units have an ergonomic design with a small footprint and options for integrated printing, automatic visual scanning, and case sealing modules.

Containers Shipper case
Basic process Thermo print, inspect, apply, aggregate items or bundles to case, (de)commissioning.
Optional functionality Automatic case sealing unit

I4L-CSU1 Manual
I4L-CSU2 Manual, pack by layer
I4L-CSU3 Manual, pack by layer + print and apply case label
I4L-CSU4 Semi-Automated, pack by layer + print and apply case label
I4L-CSU5 Semi-Automated, pack by case + print and apply case label
I4L-CSU6 Fully-Automated, pack by case + print and apply case label

More facts and figures are available here in the factsheet / or infographic on Case serialisation equipment solutions.

Pharmaceutical Pallet aggregation Inno4life

Pallet aggregation

The Pallet Serialization Unit (PSU) makes up a modular equipment range to simplify pharma packaging at pallet level. In these pharmaceutical serialization equipment solutions, the serialized data from items, bundles and shipper cases are linked and combined (parent - child) into a label with a unique serialization code for the pallet.

Containers Pallets
Basic process Thermo print, inspect, apply, reject, aggregate to pallet, (de)commissioning.
Optional functionality Robotics

I4L-PSU2 Manual
I4L-PSU4 Full Automated + print and apply pallet label.

More facts and figures are available here in the factsheet / or infographic on pallet serialisation equipment solutions.


Besides our field engineers for executing pharmaceutical packaging and serialization equipment maintenance, Inno4Life offers unique certified contracting services for any special serialization project or on behalf of our partner Systech as a one-stop-shop.

With the flexible staffing option to hire pharma specialist engineer(s), Inno4Life offers qualified technical professionals with in-depth knowledge and the right qualifications in the Life Sciences and pharmaceutical industries via Inno4People.

For additional detailed information, we invite you to visit or contact the Inno4Life specialists for Serialisation.

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