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Aseptic (De) bagging equipment solutions

Aseptic (De) bagging equipment solutions

GMPx Sterile handling unwrapping of bags

For any grade of cleanroom in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, a supply chain strategy needs to adhere to the most stringent regulations for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). For grade A cleanroom technology, a reduction of operator interference is the best possible solution.

Loading the production line equipment with Ready to Fill and Ready to Use (RTF & RTU) containers (De) bagging is an essential process. For (De) bagging of aseptic products, Inno4Life designs the optimal standard or customer-specific technical solutions for De - bagging cleanroom product downstream processes.

Learn also about the next step in the production phase with (De) nesting equipment solutions for handling sterile pharmaceutical product containers, e.g. tubs, trays with syringes or vials.

For additional information about the Inno4Life the (De) bagging and other cGMP aseptic equipment solutions contact the Inno4Life primary packaging experts.

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