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Aseptic Robotic handling solutions

Aseptic Robotic handling solutions


Mitigate the risk of contamination

A range of robotic handling solutions for movement and positioning of containers (e.g. tubs, trays vials, bottles), is available for aseptic handling products up and downstream in the pharmaceutical packaging process. According to any unique requirement or any process these robot’s can be integrated by Inno4Life in aseptic production lines in combination with e.g.;


  • automatic loading/unloading systems
  • automatic validation to make sure all process steps are registered and prevent continuation to the next without having validated the previous step
  • change parts for variations in  RTF/RTU (Ready to Use  and Ready to Fill) container configurations

With these robotic handling, the risk of contamination by operator handling will be reduced significantly. 

Inno4Life has a strong partner network in robotics. Contact our team of technical specialist designers to obtain additional information on the integration of robotic or any other cGMP equipment solutions for the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

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