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Enclosure/ RABS/ Isolator Technology

Enclosure/ RABS/ Isolator Technology

At Inno4Life, we understand your needs regarding primary packaging of pharmaceutical products. We present a range of standalone equipment solutions to create a sterile environment and minimise product contamination by separating the product from the operator. Our RABS and Isolator equipment is developed to meet your specific requirements, and includes a rigid wall enclosure, glove ports, and a laminar air flow system with HEPA filters.

Open RABS frame

The projected Open RABS frame in the video is a standalone station to create Grade A Clean room conditions for handling material via glove ports. In this design, tempered hard glass doors seal off three sides of the frame. UDF units are part of the station to provide a Grade A environment with proper laminar airflow inside the station. Grade C air is prefiltered and pushed through HEPA filters. The airflow continuity is regulated with a fan and controlled by Magnehelic pressure gauges. The overhead position of the Hepa filters reduces the changeover time for replacement significantly. 

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