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Inno4Life Serialisation Test and Demo centre

Inno4Life Serialisation Test and Demo centre

For any serialisation guideline, we look forward to accommodating and offer a standalone demo packaging line for testing and training purposes.

  • Test facility

In this fully utilized Test and Demo centre, pharma packaging organisations can simulate production facility packaging lines to test serialisation and aggregation scenarios, resulting in a significant reduction in downtime on the pharma production packaging lines. 

  • Training facility

For pharma production staff, a series of a custom machine-  and serialisation process training modules and instructors will get your pharma production facility prepared and properly instructed to operate according to any global serialisation guideline.

contact us directly to discuss your needs for serialisation testing and training.

This service provides the opportunity to;

 test hardware serialisation equipment solutions

 test serialisation software

 test unique SKU’s (equipment will be customised upon request)

 get technical support from Inno4Life serialisation experts

 train your employee’s involved in your project scope

 gain knowledge about serialisation & aggregation

 get Inno4Life serialisation expert advice



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