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item serialisation unit I4L-ISU2

item serialisation unit I4L-ISU2

From a single item to a shippable pallet!


We present our ergonomically designed plug and play solution at item level with a small footprint. The I4L-ISU2 unit is designed to provide an ergonomic and intuitive platform for item packaging.

At Inno4Life, we strive to develop innovative, customised solutions for packaging processes in the Life Science industries. We aim to guide our clients through each level of the production process, from single items to shippable pallets. 

The I4L-ISU is a series of units designed to simplify the packaging process at item level, ranging from low to high capacity serialisation. We design the units according to the unique requirements specifications of every individual client. The Inno4Life serialisation units are compatible with all high tech production facility equipment, software and processes known in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

The Inno4Life I4L-ISU2 is designed to serialize your batch on item level. The serialized cartons will be inspected by a vision camera that is fixed on the ISU2. When the system detects an incorrect code the item will be rejected. The serialization station is ergnomically designed with a small footprint. Based on your specific requirements, the capacity of the I4L-ISU2 can be adjusted to match the pace of the existing process. At Inno4Life, we have the expertise and experience needed to offer an optimal, tailor made solution for every individual customer. 

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