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Low volume pharma production equipment solutions

Low volume pharma production equipment solutions

Low volume production equipment solutions

Today’s medicine production facilities require the utmost flexibility.

Pharmaceutical packaging equipment must accommodate everything from large-scale generics to small-scale personalized medicines, and preferably run on the same fully automated packaging line.

However, for low production volumes, the changeover of a fully automated packaging line is relatively very expensive. Inno4Life (OEM) offers machines and tools that support numerous possibilities for handling low volumes of pharmaceutical products. These equipment solutions also allow for expansions and/or upgrades.

Serialisation equipment solutions

At Inno4Life we strive to deliver equipment with options for preconfigured end-of-line serialization, aggregation and tamper-evident solutions e.g.; with modules to print, label and verify. All designs comply with current local and international regulations and safety standards that apply to GAMP in the pharmaceutical industry.


   Rod Insertion Unit



 Syringe Safety Device Disassembly Unit 




                      Syringe Safety Device Assembly Tool


         Vial - Syringe PVA Unit


          Robot solutions 





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