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Robotic Cartridge Print and Verification unit

Robotic Cartridge Print and Verification unit
Tailor made robot solutions

Inno4Life presents a robotic Cartridge Print and Verification unit, designed to optimise traceability and verification of individual items. The equipment is developed for production processes in the Life Science industries, and uses camera inspection to make track and trace possible for individual products throughout the supply chain.

The unique equipment with robotic, print and vision components will enhance efficiency of low volume production facilities. The small footprint and ergonomic design allows for flexible integration into existing production lines. This projected collaborative robotic solution creates also a safe and operator friendly environment.

Inno4Life has developed a range of serialisation equipment solutions, to enhance traceability of products in the Life Science industries. Besides the secondary supply chain serialisation equipment, developed to integrate in existing production processes, this Cartridge Print and Verification unit offers added value to comply with your specified track and trace standards, global and local regulations.

For additional detailed information, we invite you to contact the Inno4Life specialists in secondary packaging. 

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