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Syringes Product Recovery Solutions

Syringes Product Recovery Solutions


Controlled (Dis)assembly Equipment Solutions for pre-filled Syringe safety and shielding systems.


Inno4Life offers standard Syringes Product Recovery Solutions, designed for the pharmaceutical production industry and validated for the assembly or disassembly of the Needle Protection Device of pre-filled syringes in a secure and controlled manner. 


         Syringe Safety Device Disassembly Unit     Syringe Safety Device Assembly Tools

These equipment solutions enable inspection of the syringe contents, without the risk of glass breakage of prefilled syringes and contamination.  Additionally, this makes it possible to reintroduce products into the production line resulting in less waste and rejects of product. The Syringes Product Recovery Solutions are developed for small badges, to optimise efficiency and cost-effectiveness of production processes.  

The equipment with a small footprint is designed to use with minimal human intervention and standard available to handle BD safety and shielding systems, (e.g. BD Ultrasafe passive™ Needle Guard and BD Ultrasafe PLUS™ Passive Needle Guard in several sizes).


*       BD UltraSafe Passive™   Needle Guard                 *      BD UltraSafe Plus™   Passive Needle Guard                                

Please contact the Equipment experts at Inno4Life for additional information about controlled (Dis) assembly Equipment Solutions for Syringe safety and shielding systems.

*(BD and Inno4Life are not affiliated. BD has not evaluated or endorsed the Inno4Life products presented here. BD granted legal permission to display their presented products. BD UltraSafe Passive™ Needle Guard and BD UltraSafe Plus™ Passive Needle Guard) 




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