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Serialisation equipment

Serialisation equipment

From a single item to a shippable pallet!                                               

UniSolve™ standard serialization equipment solutions

Systech UniSolve™ delivers serialization-ready Inno4Life packaging stations preconfigured with Systech’s industry leading software. The units are designed to simplify the serialization packaging process.





Serialised cartons or bundles are inspected inside the case at each layer ensuring correct aggregation every time. The packaging stations are ergonomically designed in a space saving footprint. Multiple packaging stations can be deployed on a single packaging line to increase manual packaging rates. The equipment is compatible with all high tech production facilities and software processes known in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

The Inno4Life Serialisation experts and engineers provide local support for a seamless integration of the units in existing packaging lines. 

At Inno4Life, we strive to develop innovative customised solutions for packaging processes in the Life Science industries. We aim to guide our clients through each level of the serialisation process, from a single item to shippable pallets. 

Contact the Inno4Life experts for additional information. 

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