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Minimise production downtime

Pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer Inno4life


Apart from a standard installation, maintenance recommendation and spare parts for our supplied pharma packaging equipment and machines, a full set of pharmaceutical services is available to optimize the operational performance of your packaging processes. As a global pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer, Inno4Life, part of the Dec Group, can offer full-service machine maintenance contracts based on your specific needs, as well as technical support by subject matter experts to get the job done.

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Pharmaceutical services Inno4life
Pharmaceutical equipment services Inno4life


Maximize packaging machine uptime

From the purchase onwards, during the entire lifecycle of our pharmaceutical machines, we provide proactive services. As a leading global manufacturer, it is our aspiration to be the best-in-class provider of pharmaceutical packaging equipment and services, setting new standards for quality and reliability. We contribute to the continuity and a higher pharma production output for our clients, using a variety in service models. Inno4Life uptime services will minimize machine downtime with smart proactive risk assessments and triggers for maintenance. Our team of experts will provide a thorough assessment of each service level requirement that will result in a custom made service level recommendation.

Contact our service department to receive a custom-made service level recommendation for free.

Get the factsheet here for the Inno4Life service levels. Or contact the service department directly to discuss your service request.

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Technological innovation and changing regulations demand a constant update and refinement of pharma production knowledge. In the fully equipped training facility at Inno4Life, or for on-site training, a team of experts in several pharmaceutical production areas offers generic or tailor-made training programs for your production staff; eg. pharmaceutical packaging machine operators and technicians. This training service for pharma production staff will maximize the utilization of pharmaceutical equipment throughout the full operational lifecycle.

Contact the Inno4Life training experts for additional information.

Pharmaceutical machine services Inno4life


As an experienced pharma machine manufacturer, Inno4Life offers various levels of SLA (Service Level Agreements) to maintain your pharmaceutical equipment, either by preventive or predictive machine maintenance.


Our expert service team is always ready to execute interventions or planned packaging machine maintenance activities in electrical hardware, software and mechanical components. As our customer, you will have a dedicated point of contact for maintenance coordination to support you along the way. With a customizable Service Level Agreement, we help you to ensure minimum machine downtime and yield improvement of your pharmaceutical production and packaging lines. Our service department offers remote and or on-site technical support to minimize production downtime. Professional pharmaceutical machine maintenance enables you to enhance production efficiency and productivity.

The added value of a remote and on-site technical support service program for your organization encompasses;

  • Short production downtimes
  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Priority availability of experts
  • Excellent expertise


All Inno4Life pharmaceutical equipment and machines are designed for ergonomic use, optimal performance and durability. Even so, parts of every pharmaceutical packaging machine are subject to wear and tear. For this reason, Inno4Life offers reliability-centered maintenance studies to assess the specific selection of spare parts requirements for pharmaceutical production line equipment (depending on applications and runtime). We strongly advise to keep critical packaging machine components in stock (either on site or at the Inno4Life service centre).

The added value of our spare parts management service program for your organization is the;

  • use of the latest technology to meet the latest standards
  • increase of line and spare parts availability
  • increase of line output and process reliability
  • exploitation of saving potentials
  • packaging equipment modifications executed by qualified experts

For ordering pharmaceutical equipment spare parts or information about the spare parts management service program, please fill in your contact details here and our service department representative will call you to discuss your requirements.


Continuously evolving production requirements in the pharmaceutical industry may call for upgrades of packaging equipment and machines. Our pharma production experts will advise on the impact on pharmaceutical equipment and answer your questions on potential upgrades with the latest technologies or advise you to overhaul existing packaging equipment and machinery.

Please contact the service department at Inno4Life for more information about all levels of service models. Get the service level factsheet here.

Pharmaceutical machine engineer Inno4life


Delivering every type of pharmaceutical service

Besides our field engineers for executing on-site pharmaceutical machine maintenance, Inno4Life offers unique certified high tech expert contracting services for your special project on behalf of our partner Systech.

With the flexible staffing option to hire pharma specialist engineer(s), Inno4Life offers qualified technical professionals with in-depth knowledge and the right qualifications in the Life Sciences and pharmaceutical industries via Inno4People.

For additional detailed information about the expert contracts and staffing options, please visit or contact the Inno4Life Service department.

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